Actual Size
Delca Size 11/0 Hex Cut
11/0 Delica Beads (DBC) are the regular size Japanese cylinder Hex Cut Bead. They are exactly the same as the smooth 11/0 Delica Beads, just made with six flat sides to add extra sparkle. They have the same .8mm hole and measure 1.6mm x 1.5mm. There are approcimately 200 beads per gram.


Check Item

DBC 33 Lined Gold 24k Cut 10 gram

DBC 38 Palladium Plated 10 gram

DBC 122 Light Brown AB Cut 10 gram

DBC 907 Lined Cry/Shmrng/Sand Cut 10 gram

DBC 915 Lined Cry/Shmrng/Penny Cut
Transparent Tangerine AB
12.6 Grams Remaining
12.6 gram

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